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Nov. 25th, 2011

It's been quite sometime since I last wrote in this journal--what one, two years? I'm not sure how I found LJ, found the HP community, and suddenly became quite a lurker of the more erotic communities. I guess it was my hormones kicking in.

I thought I should write a brief about me since I just added a bunch of communities and writers. 

I'm a student. I've been reading fanfiction for more than four years. I had a brief stint as a writer myself before I realized just how shallow I came across. I rather be immersed in a tale than have to dismally regard my attempts. These sentences are quite choppy.
Don't know what to say really. I dig fanfiction, great writers, and compelling stories. 

I've noticed of late how the quality of writing has dropped, but I'm hoping plot lines will pull me through. I've gone back to reading Twilight fanfiction, and I can't stomach Inception fics lately. I just want to read about Jake and Bells.

That's me in my userpic from a few days ago. Ain't I the spunkiest little shit you've ever seen?


Writer's Block: First love

At what age do you think kids should start dating? How old were you when you went on your first date? Was there anything you would change about the experience? How do you think it shaped your expectations?

I'm not sure when my first date was, but I've definitely been on a few. I had my first  "boyfriend", that is a boy asked me to be his girl and I agreed, but I'm not sure if we ever went on a date, when I was around .. uh. The age escapes me. 

I also don't really understand the distinction between dating and being in a relationship - are they the same thing? Can one date more than one person at a time, while relationships are monogamous (unless they're open, of course -- but is that just liking one person the most and then screwing around with a few others?)?
I'm honestly confused. :/

The age at which kids should start dating.. hm.. whenever they want. It's part of growing up and there's nothing wrong with going out with friends and snagging your first kiss. I'm not one to put memories on my "firsts", but then again I'm also a girl who can't remember her first kiss or date. I remember my first *time* though, haha. 

I'm mostly interested in this writer's block topic because it's called first love, however, the question has almost nothing to do with first loves. It's about a first date. A date, in theory, is about getting to know a person to get to... what? Sex? Commitment? Marriage? Children? 

I believe dates are about enjoying yourself with another person, and if there's no joy with the other person try another. It's about having a good time -- there doesn't need to be a *trap* at the end. I don't  have a relationship with a person with the expectation that it'll end up with us joined by rings and holy matrimony. 

Then again, I am young. I'm not looking for marriage. I'm looking for a guy to love. I have a guy, a guy I'm pretty sure I care tons for - I've even claimed to love him and he has done the same. We have a great time together, or, at least, I have a great time with him. Whoops, that's my insecurity bleeding through. 
I'm not aging or fearing the tick of my biological clock. I have plenty of time before I have to pop out a few kids, and worry about dying alone. 

As a person progresses in age, I suppose that dating becomes more of a...
I'm too young to speak of this with any knowledge whatsoever. Ignore this. 

I like being a "kid". I have lots to look forward to, as my life opens with every new day just a tad wider. Dating, for me, is just for kicks -- although I'm not saying it's frivolous, I'm just saying that I don't take it so seriously as to expect everything from my partner. I'm a chill person who appreciates things when they come by, and I don't demand anything. Maybe I'm too easy, but it makes my life a ton easier when I don't have expectations. Wow, that sounded... ahaha. yeah. 

Overall, I'm saying to enjoy life. Date whenever you think it's right for you. Teach your kids right from wrong, and trust them to be okay. You can't coddle them forever, and they may as well get an idea of what's coming. 

Alright. If you ever happen to stumble upon this account then I don't know what  you are doing here--Thanks for visiting!

This livejournal's purpose is to amuse myself when I feel like typing to myself or just to tell someone myself anything about my day when it's to boring to share with anyone else and I just spill about life.
Wow that was a horrible sentence xD

Other then that I use this journal to read fanfiction in my free time.

Thanks for stopping by, Jay.

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